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Here is some information, which may be helpful to you in your new apartment or townhouse:


Electricity must be put into your name at the Marblehead Light Dept., which is located on Commercial Street. For further information relative to the Light Dept., call (781) 631-5600. If you are a new resident to Marblehead, a deposit may be required.


If you have gas heat, Nat’l Grid must be notified in order to put it in your name. The telephone number is 800-732-3400 or 781-751-3000.


If the electricity and gas are not put into your name at the start of your lease, they will be automatically shut off.


All rents are due and payable the first of every month.
Your check should be mailed to 190 Pleasant St., Marblehead, MA 01945, or dropped off at the office during working hours.


All windows, screens, storm doors and bedroom shades are the responsibility of the tenant, as per your lease. If they are broken or damaged during the time of your tenancy, they should be repaired or replaced by you. If you have carpeting, it must be professionally cleaned at the end of your tenancy. If there is damage to your apartment/townhouse that you notice before you move in, please give us written notice, so that we will be aware of any problems and you will not be responsible for the damage.


Tenants are responsible for damages to the property due to vandalism, thus we all want to discourage it.
Should vandalism occur
1) Phone Police immediately and we will press charges.
2) Phone this office.


All rubbish is to go into designated areas in plastic bags and will be picked up by a private contractor. If this regulation is not complied with, then the individual will be responsible for removing their own rubbish.


The landlord will strictly enforce the regulations in your lease relative to the restriction upon pets and sub-tenants.


Please supply this office with your new phone number as soon as the telephone company issues you one.


Comcast 888-633-4266 or 866-447-7333


Verizon 800-837-4966


If you feel it necessary to have your locks changed, you MUST go through Secure Lock (781-254-0468) who is contracted to keep all locks on our master key. Fines may apply if locks are changed with an outside company.


In case of an AFTER HOURS emergency, please call 781-775-9674, and a member of our SERVICE maintenance crew will respond. If it’s regarding a lockout, there is a $50.00 fee that must be paid immediately. If our crew is unable to make it to unlock your door due to an emergency, you may call Secure Lock & Safe at 781-254-0468; their charge is $75.00 for lockouts

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